eCells and Materials Journal publishes 18th Volume

eCM journal number two in the biomaterials field.

29 October 2009

European Cells and Materials (eCM), the official journal of Swiss Society for Biomaterials and the Tissue & Cell Engineering Society, published by the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) and founded in 2001, is a True Open Access electronic journal, founded by scientists for the benefit of science. This means there are zero submission, publishingor accessing fees and article copyright remains with the published authors. eCM prides itself on a rigorous, detailed and rapid review process which has led to its first impact factor rating of 4.289 (the average number of citations to papers published during the preceding two years), making it the number two journal in the biomaterials field. With over 9000 registered international readers, the journal goes from strength to strength.

The biannual journal remains open-ended during its publication period, papers being added as they become available, from the reviewing and editorial process, until the end of the publication period.

The current volume, No 18 July - December 2009, contains the following papers:

Pages 1-14 : ND Evans, C Minelli, E Gentleman, V LaPointe, SN Patankar, M Kallivretaki, X Chen, CJ Roberts, MM Stevens
Substrate stiffness affects early differentiation events in embryonic stem cells

Pages 15-26 : JS Hayes, DI Vos, J Hahn, SG Pearce, RG Richards
An in vivo evaluation of surface polishing of TAN intermedullary nails for ease of removal

Pages 27-39 : C Mauth, E Bono, S Haas, G Paesold, H Wiese, G Maier, N Boos, U Graf-Hausner
Cell-seeded polyurethane-fibrin structures – A possible system for intervertebral disc regeneration

Pages 40-48 : DM Devine, M Leitner, SM Perren, LP Boure, SG Pearce
Tissue reaction to implants of different metals: A study using guide wires in cannulated screws

Pages 49-62 : A-K Born, M Rottmar, S Lischer, M Pleskova, A Bruinink, K Maniura-Weber Correlating cell architecture with osteogenesis: first steps towards live single cell monitoring

Pages 63-74 : L He, B Liu, G Xipeng, G Xie, S Liao, D Quan, D Cai, J Lu, S Ramakrishna Microstructure and properties of nano-fibrous PCL-b-PLLA scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering

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