Berton Rahn Research Prize Award 2010

Finnish surgeon Teppo Järvinen wins with his study on skeletal effects of estrogen.

13 August 2010

Teppo Järvinen and the chairman of the “Berton Rahn Research Prize Award”, Adrian Sugar.

The “Berton Rahn Research Prize Award” (formerly known as the AO Research Fund Prize Award) honors the best research fund projects annually. The 2010 Prize was awarded to Teppo Järvinen from the Department of Orthopaedics, Tampere University Hospital, Finland for the presentation of the scientific work entitled: Skeletal effects of estrogen.

In 2006 an annual AO Research Fund Prize Award for the best completed project was established by the AO Research Fund (AORF). Recognizing the immense contribution of Berto Rahn, it was decided in 2009 to rename the AORF Prize Award the “Berton Rahn Research Prize Award”. To decide on this year’s winning researcher the Prize Committee reviewed all the 17 AORF funded projects completed in 2008/2009. The final reports and papers published were examined resulting in a shortlist of ten projects. These were then scored on the basis of: Research quality; Publication quality; Relevance to AO. The top three projects comprised a tissue reaction project, a biomaterials project and a spine project.

The award ceremony took place during the Trustees meeting, where Teppo Järvinen gave an enlightening presentation of his research and his prize was awarded by the chairman of the “Berton Rahn Research Prize Award”, Adrian Sugar.

Teppo Järvinen

Järvinen completed his PhD in Experimental Osteoporosis in Tampere, Finland in 1999 and is involved in continuing research in Finland including work with the Finnish Anti-Doping Committee. He is also a resident in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery in Finland with 81 peer reviewed publications. An extract of his research will be published in Dialogue Issue 2, 2010 which will be published in December.

Congratulations to Teppo Järvinen on his success!

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