Bringing together two research centers to develop new collaborative strategies

​The AO Research Institute Davos hosts a first scientific get-together with colleagues from University Hospital Regensburg.

21 March 2012

AO Research Institute Davos and UKR members at their first meeting. (From L to R) Geoff Richards, AO Research Institute Davos; Mauro Alini, AO Research Institute Davos; Michael Müller, UKR; Christian Pfeifer, UKR; Sophie Verrier, AO Research Institute Davos; Richard Kujat, UKR; David Eglin, AO Research Institute Davos; Gerald Friedl, UKR; Ingrid Friedl, UKR; Michael Nerlich, UKR; Markus Loibl, UKR; Martin Stoddart, AO Research Institute Davos.

On February 17, the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) played host to colleagues from the Department of Trauma Surgery, University Hospital Regensburg (UKR), Germany, on the occasion of the first AO Research Institute Davos - UKR scientific get-together. The concept, devised by Markus Loibl, (former AO Research fellow), and Mauro Alini (ARI Vice-Director, Program Leader Musculoskeletal Regeneration) was to bring together two research centers which focus on similar but complimentary research in order to develop new collaborative strategies.

After a tour of AO Research Institute Davos's facilities in Davos to demonstrate its capabilities, a series of presentations from both groups preceded an active discussion in which it was immediately clear the potential benefits for both parties. In order to ensure an active collaboration, a visit by AO Research Institute Davos members to Regensburg is in the offing so that the AO Research Institute Davos team can meet more members of the Regensburg team and see the facilities available.

We look forward to many years of fruitful collaboration.​

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