Two fracture courses held in German and French at the AO Center Davos

AO Research Institute Davos hosts 150 Medical Students from Swiss Universities.

28 January 2013


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Between January 8–11, 2013, 150 medical students from Swiss Universities joined one of the two fracture courses held in German and French at the AO Center Davos. These popular two-day courses are organized annually to give interested fourth to sixth year medical students a first insight into the principles of osteosynthesis. The students from the Universities of Bern, Basel, Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva were instructed and supported by the experienced surgeons Dr Christian Ryf from Davos Hospital, Dr Raphael Jenni from the Cantonal hospital in Chur, Dr Stefan Hefer from the Chablais hospital in Monthey, as well as other qualified AO surgeons. Besides basic theoretical knowledge, practical aspects were addressed, while particular emphasis was put on the treatment of common snow sports injuries. In the popular hands-on trainings, all participants practiced the different osteosynthesis techniques using various plates, screws and nails on synthetic bone models. The correct handling of the surgical instruments requires manual skills and concentration but was tackled with great enthusiasm.

During the tour through the labs of the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI), different projects from the fields of basic and applied science were presented, which initiated stimulating discussions about future treatment options of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The stations of the “skill training lab” gave again the opportunity to test the participants’ practical skills and experience the pitfalls of surgical practice. The strong interest and motivation of the students suggest that some of them will most likely be participating at the well-established AO Courses in a couple of years. This is also corroborated by Dr Markus Loibl, who is a former AO Research Institute Davos MD research fellow and has supported the courses as instructor for many years:

“The transition from university life to practicing medicine or surgery is a very challenging task for medical students. With this course the AO offers assistance with this task and gives an introduction to AO philosophy of patient care. Taking the time to explain the key steps of an operation with hands-on training, thereby experiencing AO philosophy of sharing knowledge, may excite the fascination for surgical disciplines. After graduation from university, once a preliminary residency decision has to be made, this will bring back many of the students as young residents to take the AO basic principles course.”

The Fracture Courses for medical students are organized by the AO Research Institute Davos and are supported by the AO Foundation, AO Switzerland, DePuy Synthes, and Davos Klosters Mountains.


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