CMF Group Visit ARI

ARI hosted the team of Prof. Schmelzeisen from the University Clinic Freiburg for a joint research symposium day.

27 May 2014

Participants of the research symposium, from AO Research Institute Davos and Freiburg.

On 11th April, members of the University Clinic Freiburg, Germany, visited AO Research Institute Davos (AO Research Institute Davos), to describe running projects and exchange ideas on future collaborations. The symposium, organised by Dr. Fabian Duttenoefer from Freiburg (presenting Clinical Application of MSC in Hard Tissue Regeneration) and Dr. Martin Stoddart from AO Research Institute Davos (Presenting Paracrine signalling), was an ideal opportunity for clinical and translational researchers to meet and determine how their complementary skill sets can be best utilized.

After introductory presentations from Prof. Geoff Richards (AO Research Institute Davos) and Prof. Reiner Schmelzeisen (Freiburg), the morning session was dedicated to speakers from Freiburg who detailed the clinical problems they face, and the projects they are running to overcome these issues. Tabea Flügge explained Intraoral surface imaging, Tobias Fretwurst presentation was entitled Periimplantitis in Bone – osteoclastmaturation in Haversian canal? Osteonecrosis of the jaw was a hot topic with three presentations dedicated to the subject; Pit Voss BP-ONJ - Clinical Challenges, Steffen Schwarz Optimization of MRT based on osteoradionecrosis (ORN) of the jaw, and Daniel Arens (AO Research Institute Davos) BRONJ Animal Models.

The afternoon consisted of a tour of the AO Research Institute Davos facilities, followed by AO Research Institute Davos researchers highlighting their projects and expertise. Markus Windolf explained AO Research Institute Davos's implant targeting system X in One, Marietta Herrmann explained Neovascularization of Tissue Engineered Constructs for Large Bone Defects and Viktor Varjas demonstrated 3D visualizations methods for the skull. David Eglin finished up with materials for cell and drug delivery. A wrap up session opened the discussion on future collaboration potential.

This is the continuation of long standing links between the two Institutes and plans for future work together are already underway. It was particularly satisfying to see three past AO Research Institute Davos Fellows return. Such links between clinicians and bench based scientists are crucial in realising the translation of novel therapies into the clinic.​​​​​​

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