Speed Limit

Speed Limit on Clavadeler Street.

21 December 2015

After several years, with different approaches to get the very dangerous situation on Clavadeler Street eased, we finally succeeded with stage one.

We have had a lot of serious accidents, and even one person died in the past at the entrance to the AO Centre, yet the responsible authorities from the Canton and the local Gemeinde were still not willing to enforce a speed limit on the road to the AO Center.

After the last accident (end of November 2014), Geoff Richards took the initiative to invite the Graubünden Regierungsrat and Gemeinde to visit the AO Research Institute Davos, and pulled all the available strings to put pressure on the Canton and the Gemeinde to impose a speed limit on the street.

Last Friday, December 18th, the speed limit signs were mounted. We are happy to have the situation on this dangerous road improved.

For stage two, a possible sidewalk to the AO Centre is in discussion. This is making good progress, for possible implementation in 2016.

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