AO Research Institute Davos signs MoU with iCeMS, Kyoto University

Agreement establishes collaboration between institutes

26 September 2018

AO Research Institute Davos members left to right: Professor Mauro Alini; Dr David Eglin; Professor Zhen Li; Dr Sibylle Grad; Dr Sophie Verrier; Professor Geoff Richards; iCeMS Director Professor Susumu Kitagawa; iCeMS PI Dr Ganesh Namasivayam Pandian, and Professor Martin Stoddart.
On September 3, 2018, AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) established a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Kyoto University's Institute for Integrated Cell Material Sciences (iCeMS).

iCeMs seeks to develop materials to comprehend cellular functions (materials for understanding cells), produce materials to control processes in cells (materials for controlling cells), and eventually to create functional materials inspired by cellular processes (cell-inspired materials). Combining Kyoto University’s established strengths in cell biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics to delve deeply into this field at the boundary of materials and life, they make concerted efforts through interdisciplinary research to pioneer the new research domain of integrated cell-material sciences.

AO Research Institute Davos Director Professor Geoff Richards (left) and iCeMS Director Professor Susumu Kitagawa​.
The exchange between the two institutes began in 2014, when Dr Ganesh Namasivayam Pandian of iCeMS met Professor Martin Stoddart from AO Research Institute Davos. Pandian, later joined by members of iCeMS PI Hiroshi Sugiyama’s Laboratory, and Stoddart had exchange visits on several occasions to foster their scientific collaborations. Which led to Pandian being made the first AO Research Institute Davos Honorary Visiting Scientist in February 2018. To date, two collaborative grants have been obtained by Stoddart and Pandian with the aim to expand the collaboration to members of both institutes.​

iCeMS Director Professor Susumu Kitagawa, Pandian, the AO Research Institute Davos Director Professor Geoff Richards, Vice-Director Professor Mauro Alini, and Stoddart attended the signing ceremony, where fifty researchers from both institutes celebrated the agreement at Kyoto University. 

iCeMS is the latest institution to partner with AO Research Institute Davos. This agreement will open doors for future collaboration that will compliment both the institutes. AO Research Institute Davos is expected to advance the materials developed in iCeMS for high quality applied Preclinical Research and Development focused towards clinical applications/solutions. 

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