AO Research Institute Davos 2009 Annual Report launched

Latest activity report available online on the revamped ARI website.

09 July 2010

The latest activity report of the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) is now available online.

Topics covered in the Activity Report 2009 include:

  • Programs and groups
  • Institutional and professional relationships
  • Good news - awards, patents, congresses organized, dissertations
  • Project abstracts
  • Team members
  • Publications and presentations

The AO Research Institute Davos web pages have been totally revamped offering in-depth information on the AO Research Institute Davos’s mission, goals, structure, along with the program and group pages with their individual team goals, expertise and competences. The newly rejuvenated AO Research Institute Davos Medical Research Fellowships are also online, with information from how to apply to information on our current Fellows in Davos. The purpose of these AO Research Institute Davos Fellowships is to provide motivated surgeons with on-site research training to gain experience in R&D projects which focus on relevant clinical problems.

The AO Veterinary Advisory Committee can also be found on the new site, which will evaluate the live animal models applied from all AO funded projects using live animals.

Information on our recently held and upcoming conferences and our own online journal (eCM) which is number one in the trauma research field are also available through these pages.

We invite you to visit our website and welcome you to contact us.

Geoff Richards, Director AO R&D, Editor-in-Chief eCM


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