Canton Graubünden provides support to ARI

CHF 632,000 award will help to expand ARI’s research capabilities.

25 October 2010

Fluorescing cells

The AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) is pleased to announce that the Innovationstiftung Graubuuml;nden has awarded CHF 632,000 in order to facilitate the purchase of a new Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter. This device is used to separate individual adult mesenchymal stem cells on the basis of size and specific fluorescent labels, and it will greatly expand the research capabilities of the AO Research Institute Davos. It is capable of reducing some routine procedures from almost one day rsquo;s work to just a few hours and it can add to the range of procedures AO Research Institute Davos is capable of performing. The Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter will be used to characterize and separate different stem cell populations in order to more clearly define their role in the repair of traumatic injuries of the musculoskeletal system. This will assist in the development of novel cell based therapies as well as furthering our understanding of these cells which are a critical part of any repair.

The award recognizes the high standard of research currently being performed within the AO Research Institute Davos and aims to enable the quality to be further increased over the coming years. The increased capability will improve the potential of AO Research Institute Davos to acquire further third party funding. The successful application, conceived and prepared by Martin Stoddart, Mauro Alini and Geoff Richards, is a reflection of the work carried out by the whole of the AO Research Institute Davos.

We wish to congratulate everyone at the AO Research Institute Davos in making such a success possible!

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