Swiss Society of Biomaterials Annual Meeting

The 16th Swiss Society of Biomaterials Annual Meeting and General Assembly

16 June 2010

Clemens van Blitterswijk during his
keynote presentation

The 2010 Swiss Society of Biomaterials (SSB) Annual Meeting took place at the Empa Academy in Dübendorf, Switzerland on May 5th, 2010. The focus of the meeting was on Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering and the meeting got off to a flying start with a keynote lecture from Clemens van Blitterswijk (Twente, The Netherlands) on “Materiomics: Dealing with Complexity in Tissue Engineering.”

With a record number of abstracts submitted, of which a high proportion were from PhD students, and a meeting attendance of 120, the 16th Annual SSB meeting organized by Katharina Maniura, and AO Research Institute Davose Bruinink, (Empa, St.Gallen) was a resounding success. The other keynote lectures included Patrik Schmutz (Empa, Dübendorf) and Lutz P Nolte (KTI Medtech). During the meeting Geoff Richards (Director of the AO Research Institute), who stepped down as SSB president during the ESB in Lausanne last September, received an honorary membership from the current president Marc Bohner.

Finally as an extension of the AO Research Institute Davos’s strong involvement with the SSB Alexandra Poulsson was elected to the SSB executive committee.

Paul-Henri Vallotton (far left) and Marc Bohner (far right) presented (from left to right) Geoff Richards, Armando Salito and Jacques Lemaître with their honorary memberships of the SSB

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