AO founder Prof Dr med Stephan Perren turns 80

On October 7th, 2012 Stephan Perren, one of the AO founding fathers, celebrated his 80th birthday.

12 October 2012

Stephan Perren

On October 07, 2012 Stephan Perren, one of the AO Foundation's founding fathers, celebrated his 80th birthday. For many of these 80 years Stephan has been intimately involved with the AO; in addition to his role as a founder, he also chaired the AO Technical Commission and the AO Development steering committee for 16 years and for 28 years was the Director of the AO Research Institute Davos. All these tasks he performed alongside his work as a medical doctor and Honorary Professor at the Universities of Bern, Montevideo and Aberysthwyth to mention just a few of his other professional duties. He was also cofounder of the European Society of Biomechanics and International Society for Fracture Repair.

Stephan is still very committed to the AO world, giving regular presentations as well as writing and editing—he was joint editor with Peter Matter on a recently published book commemorating the 20th anniversary of the AO center—and more. In his private life Stephan is also still very active and recently bought an electric bike to cycle around the hills of Davos.

Congratulations on this milestone birthday from the AO family ​​​

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