The AO Research Institute Davos organized a workshop "Cell-material interactions" as of the European project "BioBone".

22 May 2014

Dr Ursula Menzel from AO Research Institute Davos shows cells in a cell culture flask to the BioBone workshop participants.

The Cell-material interactions workshop was organized at the AO Center by AO Research Institute Davos (AO Research Institute Davos) from April 27–30, 2014 as part of the European project BioBone. The BioBone (bioceramics for bone repair) project is funded by the initial training network (ITN) Marie Curie Actions of the European Research Program FP7 and Prof Mauro Alini represents AO Research Institute Davos in this project.

The workshop brought together researchers from all over Europe from fields as diverse as materials science and engineering, orthopedics, biology and chemistry. The goal of this workshop was to give students with an engineering background the basis to understand the biologics of biomaterials.

The balance of lectures and practical exercises made this workshop special in the words of the participants: the students could directly apply osteosynthesis principles to synthetic bones and follow cell biology concepts through demonstrations in cell culture laboratories. Prof Geoff R Richards gave a very inspiring talk on the influence of implant surface in trauma and additional lectures were covered by members of AO Research Institute Davos. Renowned invited speakers—Dr Rainer Detsch ( University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, DE), Dr Marcy Zenobi-Wong (ETH Zürich, CH) and Dr Daniel Hartmann (University of Lyon, FR)—shared their views on bone cells, stem cell differentiation and bone extracellular matrix.

Clinical and industrial perspectives were essential parts of the workshop. The clinical perspective was brought by Dr Jan Benthien, specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery at Davos Hospital. He introduced the participants to the principles of osteosynthesis with lectures and practical exercises. The industrial view was delivered by Dr Alan Porporati (Ceramtec, DE) with a comprehensive lecture on the evolution of bioceramics for hip implants and an overview of the current applications.

The workshop was organized by Dr Marianna Peroglio, Christoph Sprecher and Daniela Schraner from AO Research Institute Davos. Ana-Maria Stanciuc and Elena Littmann, respectively PhD student at AO Research Institute Davos and visiting PhD student from Imperial College London in the BioBone project, took an active part in the workshop by leading the young scientist events.​​​​​​

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