EORS 2014

The 2014 Annual Meeting of the European Orthopaedic Research Society (EORS) was a successful international conference, attended by many of the active research groups dedicated to orthopedic research across Europe and beyond.

20 August 2014

Attending the AO Trauma CPP Bone Infection symposium at EORS 2014 in Nantes (L-R) Fintan Moriarty (AO Research Institute Davos), Mario Morgenstern (BGU Murnau, DE), Volker Alt (University of Giessen, DE), Geoff Richards, (AO Research Institute Davos), Pierre Hoffmeier (University Hospital Geneva, CH), and Enrique Gómez-Barrena, EORS President (University of Madrid, ES).

On July 2–4, 2014 the Annual Meeting of the European Orthopaedic Research Society (EORS) was held in Nantes (FR). This twenty-second meeting of the EORS was a great success, bringing together over 300 delegates from 43 countries. The mission of EORS is to promote research and development in orthopedic surgery and related sciences in Europe through interdisciplinary coordination, exchange of scientific and technical experience, and education. The AO Foundation was prominent at this year's meeting, with a dedicated symposium covering AO Trauma's CPP Bone Infection and numerous oral and poster presentations from members of the AO Research Institute Davos (AO Research Institute Davos).

Mario Morgenstern and Geoff Richards performing a nasal swab of "the Great Elephant", a creation inspired by the works of French novelist Jules Verne at the EORS 2014 conference dinner.

On July 4, the AO Foundation hosted a symposium entitled Clinical Priority Program on Bone Infection. AO Research Institute Davos director, Prof R Geoff Richards (Davos, CH) and Prof Pierre Hoffmeyer (Geneva, CH) were the session chairs, which showcased the latest achievements of the AO Trauma CPP Bone Infection. The opening presentation of the symposium was by Prof Volker Alt (Giessen, DE), who gave an overview of the clinical problem of bone infection faced in daily surgical practice, and briefly presented an overview of all the projects included in the CPP, with a particular focus on clinical research. The ongoing Bone Infection registry project was described in detail and the contribution of the AO network of clinical partners was highlighted. Dr Fintan Moriarty from AO Research Institute Davos then provided an update on preclinical studies in the CPP, with a focus on activities in Davos. Cited projects included the development of murine models to better understand the role of fracture stability on infection risk, and also a project on in vivo monitoring of infection-induced osteolysis at high resolution. Next up was Dr Mario Morgenstern (Murnau, DE) who gave an excellent update on the OrthoNose project, which was recently run at the AO Davos Courses 2013. Upon completion of his presentation, Dr Morgenstern fielded many questions from the audience, indicating the high interest and relevance of his work to the assembled audience. Prof Hoffmeyer drew the symposium to a close with a keynote address summarizing the highlights of a career of research and clinical experience in the problem and developments of bone infection.


Furthermore, this years' EORS program included numerous presentations by AO Research Institute Davos team members.

On July 2, Claudia Loebel, from the Musculoskeletal Regeneration program presented her work on A mechanical tunable Hyaluronan hydrogel for endochondral bone tissue engineering at the Bone Regeneration & Tissue Engineering workshop. For this presentation, Claudia was awarded the best overall oral presentation of the EORS meeting, which is a fantastic achievement coming early in her PhD Studies.

Ursula Eberli from the Biomechanical Services program gave an oral presentation on Non-invasive biomechanical monitoring of bone healing in a dynamized bone defect in sheep at the Bone Regeneration & Tissue Engineering workshop. She also presented a poster on Cortical thickness and porosity of the proximal humerus correlate with osteoporotic bone remodeling: An analysis of micro-structural remodeling.

David Eglin from the Musculoskeletal Regeneration program gave an oral presentation on Dendrimers Presenting Spatially Controlled Clusters of Binding Epitopes for Tailoring hMSCs Microenvironments, also at the Bone Regeneration & Tissue Engineering session.

Ivan Zderic from the Biomechanical Services program presented a poster on Analysis of sacroiliac joint screw fixation: Do quality of reduction and screw orientation influence biomechanical stability? and also a poster on Cement flow behavior in artificial cancellous bone structures.

The next EORS takes place in Bristol UK in 2015.

Claudia Loebel from AO Research Institute Davos presents at EORS 2014 and was awarded the prize of best overall presentation.

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