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ARI strengthens its research network with Varna Medical University

26 October 2017

From left to right: Dr Aneta Dokova, Prof Dr Metodi Abadzhiev Prof Dr Hristo Skulev, Prof Dr Rosen Vasilev, Prof Dr Geoff Richards and Prof Dr Boyko Gueorguiev during the procedure for signing of the trilateral letter of intent between AO Research Institute Davos, Technical University of Varna and Medical University–Varna

On 26-27 September 2017, AO Research Institute Davos's Director Prof Dr Geoff Richards visited with Prof Dr Boyko Gueorguiev three sites in Varna – the Medical University 'Prof Paraskev Stoyanov', the University Hospital 'St Marina' and the Technical University. Prof Dr Hristo Skulev, Director of International Cooperation and Foreign Students at the Technical University facilitated the visits to foster collaborations between the three institutions.

The meetings allowed for information exchange and good discussions on innovative ideas for cooperation. A trilateral letter of intent (LOI) was signed between AO Research Institute Davos and both universities with the intention to:

  • initiate fellowships (research and medical) from both institutions in AO Research Institute Davos

  • introduce and incorporate, with AO Trauma, clinical training modules (CTMs) for ORP in Bulgaria in the teaching curricula for students and postgraduates practicing nurses 

  • foster, together with AO CMF, collaborations through seminars and courses in the field of craniomaxillofacial surgery

  • conduct joint research and implement innovative projects 

All the three institutes committed  to further developing their partnership for successful outcomes and future achievements.

The Varna delegations included Prof Dr Rosen Vasilev – Rector of the Technical University, Prof Dr Krasimir Ivanov – Rector of the Medical University, Prof Dr Tsvetan Tonchev – Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Medical University, Prof Dr Metodi Abadzhiev  – Vice Dean of the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Head of Prosthodontic Department at the Medical University, and Dr Aneta Dokova – Director International Relations at the Medical University chaired the meetings.

Left picture, from left to right: Dr Preslav Penev, Prof Dr Boyko Gueorguiev, Prof Dr Hristo Skulev, Prof Dr Tsvetan Tonchev, Dr Aneta Dokova, Prof Dr Geoff Richards and Prof Dr Metodi Abadzhiev in front of the main entrance of Medical University–Varna
Right picture: Prof. Dr. Geoff Richards gives a talk on the translational research at the AO Foundation

Since the LOI was signed, much has already happened: 

  • Dr Preslav Penev from the Medical University and the University Hospital in Varna will come for a six-month medical research fellowship to AO Research Institute Davos in 2018. 

  • Dr Lyubomir Rusimov and Dr Mariya Hadzhinikolova from the University Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment and Emergency Medicine 'N I Pirogov', Sofia started their medical research fellowships in AO Research Institute Davos. 

  • Isabel Van Rie, who created and then developed the first hospital based education CTMs in AO received the letter of approval of the chairman of the AO Trauma Country Council of Bulgaria, Assoc Prof Dr Mihail Rashkov to initiate the hospital based education for nurses in Bulgaria. This will start with the medical university of Varna and will later be implemented in Sofia. The Head of the Department of Nursing Care Assoc Prof Dr Silvia Borisova will now translate the CTMs into Bulgarian and then send the materials for final checking to Prof Dr Boyko Gueorguiev of AO Research Institute Davos and approval from Assoc Prof Dr Rashkov.

  • Eric Roethlisberger, Director of AO CMF welcomed strengthening of the Clinical Division within Bulgaria. Diana Greiner, together with Boyko discussed with Prof Dr Tsvetan Tonchev, how to set up two educational AO CMF seminars during the National Bulgarian CMF congress. These will be on Trauma and Post Trauma Reconstructive Surgery, as well as ARONJ/BRONJ in April 2018. The first AO CMF course in Bulgaria is expected to occur in 2019.

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