Symposium on Bone Infection in China

AO joins the first International Symposium on Bone Infection and Bone Defects in Chongqing, China

07 April 2017

The large audience in attendance for the first ever Bone Infection meeting in Chongqing (China) highlights the clinical interest in educational events on this topic in China.

​Southwest Hospital in Chongqing is a leading center for the treatment of bone infection and bone defects in China. The head of the Southwest hospital bone infection unit, Prof Xie Zhao recently hosted an "International Symposium on Bone Infection and Bone Defects" in an effort to promote best practice in the management of these difficult cases in the region. In this first ever meeting, there was a large attendance of approximately 1,000 orthopedic and trauma surgeons, which is a clear indication of the interest within the Chinese clinical community.

The symposium included an invited international faculty, many of whom were involved in the initiative to provide a definition of fracture related infection (FRI) hosted by the AO in December 2016. Musculoskeletal trauma surgeon and past AO Research Institute Davos medical research fellow Willem-Jan Metsemakers (Leuven, BE), who was instrumental in the FRI definition initiative, delivered the opening address, summarizing the clinical need for a definition of FRI. Furthermore, he presented the definition agreed to by the international experts only a few months previously, in what was the first international statement on this new definition.

International faculty in attendance at the first Bone Infection and Bone Defect meeting in Chongqing included (L-R) Geoff Richards, Peter Ochsner, Willem-Jan Metsemakers and Fintan Moriarty.

Further invited addresses were provided by AO Research Institute Davos director Geoff Richards, who outlined the many interactions between AO Research Institute Davos and Chinese institutions, including medical research fellowships, collaborative scientific projects and professorships. He continued with a presentation on AO Research Institute Davos's antibiotic-loaded thermo-responsive hydrogel as a prophylaxis against FRI. AO Research Institute Davos's Fintan Moriarty then presented an outline of current scientific thinking on the problem of antibiotic resistance and biofilm formation; issues that significantly complicate the treatment of implant related bone infection. Further keynote addresses were provided by Alain Masqulelet (Paris, FR) on the induced membrane technique, Martin McNally (Oxford, UK) on clinical findings with the use of an antibiotic loaded resorbable bone void filler and Charisse Sparks from DePuy Synthes on the reamer irrigator aspirator (RIA). Peter Ochsner (Liestal, CH), who has been working on bone infection with the AO for over 30 years, also provided an overview of his view of bone infection including the histological documentation of a selection of clinical cases. Finally, the executive chairman from Southwest hospital, Prof Jianzhong Xu also shared his experience of defect reconstruction with tissue engineered bone, and the host, Prof Zhao Xie, presented his data on a large series of bone infection patients treated with induced membrane technique.

Clearly, there is an enormous clinical interest in bone infection in China, as evidenced by the large attendance. The AO has taken the opportunity with this meeting to join with local committed surgeons in an effort to share common interests in this important clinical problem.

On behalf of the invited foreign faculty, AO Research Institute Davos would like to thank Prof Jianzhong Xu and Prof Zhao Xie for their generous hospitality.

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