Development innovation

Today the AO is the leading innovator in the surgical treatment of bone fractures and disorders. Innovation at the AO goes from bench to bed—including basic research and innovation, product development, and clinical validation.

In close collaboration between industrial partners, universities and in-house institutes the AO constantly develops new operation techniques, implants and clinical solutions under the medical guidance of independent surgeons.

At the core of the AO's innovations and approvals process is the AO Technical Commission. It consists of Specialty Commissions and various Expert Groups in which around 120 surgeons work on solutions for clinical problems.

A key part of developing and bringing innovations to market, the Technical Commission is central to the AO landscape. It plays a crucial role in quality control and product development, forming an essential link between the AO's clinical divisions, the other institutes—and the AO's global network.

Furthermore the AO provides funding for proof-of-concept studies for selected projects via the AO Development Incubator.

Innovation news

AO development innovation involves a broad range of activities from developing disruptive technologies to address unmet clinical needs, to providing funding and know-how that helps move inventions from paper to patients.

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"Innovation at the AO has remained the same, finding solutions to clinical problems—meeting patient treatment needs. What has changed is implementation and the way that innovation is moving forward."

Robert McGuire, AO President
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