In close collaboration with its trusted industrial partners the AO constantly develops new operation techniques, implants, and instruments under the medical guidance of independent surgeons.

The AO Technical Commission is responsible for the development and testing of these devices, and for supporting the development of educational concepts.

The close collaboration of about 120 outstanding surgeons and engineers across the world is the key to solving the most pressing current clinical problems.

How the AO Technical Commission drives innovation

The AO Technical Commission is central to the AO landscape of developing and bringing innovations to market in four specialties: trauma, spine, craniomaxillofacial, and veterinary surgery. It plays a crucial role in quality control and product development, forming an essential link between the AO's clinical divisions, clinical units, other institutes, initiatives, and the AO's global network.

AO Technical Commission work is divided into three specialties: trauma, spine, and CMF. These three technical commissions are the governing bodies, responsible for projects and for approving new projects. Each technical commission is responsible for submitting proposals to the supervisory body, the TKEB, on the appointment and dissolution of expert groups, which are convened to provide expert opinion in their respective specialist areas.

There are currently 23 expert groups and task forces, each comprising up to five medical members who work together to identify existing clinical needs and develop new devices and methods to address them.

In a collaborative approach, these groups may involve colleagues from the AO Research Institute Davos and AO Clinical Investigation and Documentation when necessary. Expert groups also include a representative from the AO’s trusted partner, DePuy Synthes, a Johnson&Johnson Group company.

Experts' Symposia

  Where outstanding minds come together in a robust process to improve available treatments.

Innovations magazine

  Find the most up-to-date information on recently approved products in the current edition, and browse back issues.

Meet the Experts

Videos offering valuable insights into the AO Technical Commission’s latest innovations. 

“The AO Technical Commission is unique because it is a place where you have very innovative people coming together and trying to come up with solutions to very complex problems.”

Daniel Buchbinder, AO Technical Commission Executive Board Chair
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