ARI’s purpose

In its work to further the AO's mission, ARI's purpose is to advance patient care through innovative orthopedic research and development.

Orthopedics concerns musculoskeletal, spine and cranio-maxillo-facial trauma, degenerative musculoskeletal diseases, infections, and congenital disorders.

ARI goals

  • Contribute to high quality applied preclinical research and development (exploratory and translational) focused towards clinical applications/solutions.
  • Investigate and improve the performance of surgical procedures, devices, and substances.
  • Foster a close relationship with the AO medical community, academic societies, and universities.
  • Provide research environment/support for AO clinicians.

All ARI projects are applied preclinical research or applied preclinical development projects focused towards clinical applications. Definitions (within the applied research):
  • exploratory applied preclinical research is fundamental research, to solve major clinical problems over a extended timeframe (over ten years).
  • translational applied preclinical research aims at developing a clinical applicable result in around five years and builds upon the fundamental applied preclinical research. This research is usually not possible without the previous fundamental applied preclinical research.

ARI history

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