Watch these videos to explore different aspects of the AO Research Institute Davos

AO Research Institute Davos: Our goals

Learn more about who we are and what our goals are in this short, engaging video.

ARI and the AO's 60th Anniversary

Davos, at the heart of Switzerland and globally connected

The internationally renowned AO Research Institute is located in Davos, in the Canton of Grisons. Professor Geoff Richards, Director of AO Research Institute talks about the unique advantages of doing research in a multinational village in the Swiss mountains. Read more...


Rapid Prototyping of Custom-Made Bone-Forming Tissue Engineering Constructs or RAPIDOS is the first joint EU-China funded research. It is funded by the EU's FP7 project. Learn more from David Eglin, Principal Scientist at ARI.

ARI director receives Aberystwyth University award

Geoff Richards, ARI's director, is presented with an Honorary Fellowship of Aberystwyth University.

The AO

The AO is a medically guided, not-for-profit organization led by an international group of surgeons specialized in the treatment of trauma and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Founded in 1958 by 13 visionary surgeons, today the AO fosters one of the most extensive networks of currently more than 215,000 surgeons, operating room personnel, and scientists (including about 20,000 members) in over 100 countries.

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