World Biomaterials Congress

The AO Research Institute took an active part in this congress held every four years, this time in the Netherlands.

30 June 2008


The 8th World BiomaterialsCongress was held from May 28 until June 1, 2008, at the RAI conferencecenter in Amsterdam. The congress took place under the theme of “CrossingFrontiers in Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine” — drawing attention to themultidisciplinary nature of the field and the international communityinvolved. 

AO Research Institute Davos involvement

Over the course of five days, seven AO Research Institute collaborators joined an attendance of overthree and a half thousand academic and industry scientists. Geoff Richards,Head of Interface Biology at the AO Research Institute in Davos, along with histeam of Sasha Poulsson, Fintan Moriarty, and Katharina Jähn were joined byBiomaterials and Tissue Engineering Program collaborators David Eglin, DerekMortisen, and Marcus Glarner.


This multidisciplinary group of collaborators all found different highlightsfrom the vast program of presentations running in nine parallel sessions. Thefive plenary sessions, 632 oral presentations, and 1,500 poster presentations,encompassed every aspect of biomaterial research.

The presentations of the AO Research Institute Davos collaborators were as follows:


  • David Eglin—A Thiol Pendant Group Containing Biodegradable Polyurethane forTissue Engineering. Synthesis, Characterizations and Cytotoxicity
  • Sasha Poulsson—Surface Modification of PEEK using Oxygen Plasma Treatmentto Aid Primary Human Osteoblast Adhesion
  • Fintan Moriarty—Influence of material and microtopography on thedevelopment of local infection in vivo: Experimental investigation inrabbits


Geoff Richards gave an invited keynote lecture on ‘Biomaterial SurfaceInteractions and the Versatility of PEEK’ at a special forum. Despite technicalproblems meaning he did not have slides for a portion of the talk, animatedgestures and a cool head meant the keynote lecture was very well received. Onthe following day where Geoff chaired the infection session, the projectorsalso failed and the keynote lecture by Prof Henk Busscher was also givenfreehand, luckily the projectors were repaired before the remaining speakerspresented.

Social program

The 8th WBCCongress Dinner and Party was held at a very special historic location:The Amsterdam Convention Factory. A boat cruise along the canals of Amsterdambrought the attendees to the venue, which echoed the industrial heritage of thecity in a modern, unique symbiosis of style and content and provided ahighlight for the congress participants.



The WBC was preceded by a two day mini-symposium in Thesinge, a picturesque rural village,nine kilometers north of the city of Groningen. Biomaterials implant-relatedinfections remain the number one cause of implant failure despite all researchefforts, and the mini-symposium addressed the different aspects ofimplant-related infection and its prevention: from the fundamentals ofbioadhesion, development of antimicrobial surfaces to the clinical aspects ofthese infections. This was attended by Fintan Moriarty of Geoff’s team, whomade several contacts in the area and actively took part in importantnetworking at this dedicated symposium.


Next congress

The 9th World BiomaterialsCongress will be held in Chengdu, China, in 2012

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