AOER Call for Letters of Proposal

AO Exploratory Research (AOER) call for letters of proposal for the Collaborative Research Program (CRP) Large Bone Defect Healing (LBDH).

29 November 2010

General Information
The AO Foundation (AO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the world wide advancement in the surgical treatment of trauma and degenerative disorders of the musculoskeletal system through research, development and education.
The AO Exploratory Research Board (AOERB) promotes research that focuses on novel approaches and theories in musculoskeletal science
AOERB offers consortium grants to multidisciplinary teams of researchers that work in collaboration with the AO Research Institute (ARI) Davos, Switzerland ( towards solutions to clinical problems identified by AO surgeons.

Consortium Grant: Large Bone Defect Healing
This grant provides funding for the assessment and understanding of problems of large bone defect healing and towards the development of promising solutions for treatment. A qualified consortium of investigators will include of up to seven multidisciplinary teams including AO Research Institute Davos. The consortium projects have to include complementary collaborations with the AO Research Institute Davos research teams and eventually also between the selected consortium partners. Project budgets per team may not exceed CHF 120’000 per year and project duration is for up to two years.
Applicants should be prepared to share knowledge and results in annual general program meetings organized by AO Exploratory Research.
This is the third and last funding round for the CRP LBDH. After this final funding round by the AOERB the consortium is encouraged to leverage their achievements and collaborations by seeking continuous funding from other established multinational funding agencies.

Scientific fields open for application to the CRP LBDH include:

  • Autologous Grafts
  • Biological Factors / Delivery Systems
  • Biomaterials / Scaffolds
  • Cell sources / Progenitor Cells
  • Mechano – Regulation
  • Vascularization

Letter of Proposal Guidelines
A two to three page letter of proposal (Word or PDF) should be submitted by applicants via e-mail to Claudia Barblan, by January 16, 2011.

Submission should consist of the following parts:

  • Proposal Title
  • Proposal Acronym
  • Scientific Field Being Applied for
  • Potential Areas of Collaboration
  • Project Abstract
  • Purpose, Hypothesis and Method of Research
    for the project including a research plan with milestones and deliverables.
  • Capabilities
    Indicate capabilities and credentials of authors and include contact information for principal investigator
  • Budget
    Budgets should include salaries to staff, materials, supplies, equipment, travels and other direct expenses and not to exceed CHF 120’000 per year. The overhead or institutional costs should not exceed 15% of the budget (note: this is included in the budget amount).

Selection Process and Deadlines
Letters of proposal will be reviewed by the AOER Program Committee with respect to collaborative potential, innovation, approach, feasibility and significance to program aims.
The applicants with a strong merit in the above will be invited in early February, 2011 to submit a full proposal. The full proposals will be peer reviewed and funding decisions communicated by end of August 2011. The consortium funding is planed to start in January 2012.

We are looking forward to your applications.

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