eCM and EORS 2010 Conferences to be held in Davos, Switzerland

From June 28–July 2 both AO Research Institute Davos organized conferences will run consecutively at the Davos Congress Centre.

25 January 2010

Following their successful staging of both the eCM X conference and the 22nd Annual European Conference on Biomaterials last year, the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) is currently organizing both the eCM XI and the 18th European Conference on Orthopaedics.

The 2010 eCM conference entitled eCM XI: Cartilage & Disc: Repair and Regeneration, will be held, as usual, in the Congress Centre, Davos, on June 28-30 2010. The limited number of participants (150) ensures clinicians, biologists, engineers and material scientists will have ample opportunities for knowledge sharing in basic, translational and clinical research aswell as developments in the field of cartilage and disc, repair and regeneration. As the conference does not have parallel sessions it permits in-depth multidisciplinary discussions about how to advance this Research area.

This conference aims to explore the underlying biological processes involving cartilage and disc, from development to degradation, while also exploring biomaterials and clinical approaches. The aim is to increase understanding of the topic as a whole and foster interaction between scientists and clinicians.


AO Research Institute Davos is also proud to be the organisers of the 18th European Conference on Orthopaedics (EORS 2010), the annual conference of the European Orthopaedic Research Society. EORS 2010 follows directly after eCM XI, from June 30-July 2, 2010.

EORS2010 intends to strengthen the scientific basis of the traditional EORS core topics and interaction with both the clinical and industrial side of orthopaedics. It also aims to connect research with current orthopedic clinical problems to produce progressive translational research. EORS2010 provides a platform to present and discuss basic, applied/translational & clinical research in a multi disciplinary environment.

Core Topics:

Trauma /disorders / biology of the musculoskeletal system—bone, cartilage, related connective tissues, joint replacement, infection.

Sub Topics (related to the core topics)

Animal models; biomechanics; biomaterials (polymers, metals, ceramics, composites); bone biology; cartilage and disc biology; craniomaxillofacial; diagnostics; evidence based medicine; fracture fixation; gait and kinematics; gene therapy; growth factors; histology; imaging (CT, MRI, Xray); implant interfaces; inflammation; modelling (human morphology and implants); osteoporosis; osteosynthesis; predictive diagnostics; regenerative medicine; tumours; shoulder; soft tissue complications; spine; stem cell therapy; surgical techniques (including CAOS, navigational systems); tendons and ligaments; tissue engineering; tumours; translational and applied clinical research; vascularisation.

Details for the eCM XI conference can be found by clicking here.

Davos Congress Center

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