RAPIDOS project

The RAPIDOS European Chinese research project coordinated by the AO Research Institute Davos has started its research program.

04 March 2014

RAPIDOS Project partners in Beijing, China on November 10, 2013.
Upper left to right: Dr Wang Xinjiang, Dr Peng Zhang, Dr Jiang Peng, Prof Ting-Ting Tang, Dr Huipin Yuan, Dr Yuxiao Lai, Dr Xinluan Wang; Lower left to right: Dr Mei Yuan, Prof Dirk Grijpma, Prof Joost de Bruijn, Prof Geoff Richards, Prof Shi-bi Lu, Prof Ling Qin, Dr David Eglin.

The New RAPIDOS Web Platform

The RAPIDOS activities and progresses can be followed on the web through the new RAPIDOS portal.

The RAPIDOS (Rapid Prototyping of Custom-Made Bone-Forming Tissue Engineering Constructs) project kick-off meeting took place in Beijing China on Novem­ber 10, 2013 at the prestigious Institute of Orthopedics at the Chinese PLA (People's Liberation Army) General Hos­pital, Beijing. Director of the PLA Orthopedic Institute and member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Prof Shi-Bi Lu, was the guest of honor.


Development of Rapid-Prototyping Technology

The Researchers of the RAPIDOS project have started the development of rapid-prototyping or additive manufacturing technology to create patient specific tissue engineered implants. Stereolithography, a 3D printing technology, is used to produce an implant by curing a photo-reactive resin with a UV laser. The three Chinese and four European clinical, industrial and research organisations are now combining their unique expertise to what they hope will be breakthrough imaging and biomaterials solutions for bone repair.

An example of a structure created using Stereolithography (Courtesy of Prof D Grijpma at the University of Twente, Netherlands).


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