AO Research Institute Davos links to ETH

AO strengthens its links with the ETH Zurich.

12 March 2015

A well-established relationship between the Department of Health Sciences and Technology (D-HEST) at ETH Zurich and the AO Research Institute Davos (AO Research Institute Davos) has had a very positive impact, especially through joint research projects, in the field of the musculoskeletal system. Over the past three years, the partnership added a focus on talent development which will be further enhanced by a new collaborative agreement. A new talent program for outstanding talent at D-HEST will create value amongst the next generations of musculoskeletal scientists by offering ETH student's access to four AO fellowships and up to five AO Research Opportunity Awards each year. These awards can be used to provide financial support to students performing their master's thesis work at AO Research Institute Davos.

Ties have been further strengthened through a new Masters course Skeletal Repair, which is accredited by ETHZ, and organised by AO Research Institute Davos researchers (Drs David Eglin, Sibylle Grad, Fintan Moriarty, Martin Stoddart) over the year at ETH Zurich. This challenging and fulfilling course includes a 2-day practical course in AO Research Institute Davos Davos with guest lectures. The students will obtain a clinically relevant education in transferring novel therapies into the clinic along with more fundamental principles within the field. AO Research Institute Davos Director Prof Richards noted that The AO Research Institute Davos is extremely proud to have been invited to teach this course at the highest ranking mainland European University, ETHZ (12th in world rankings), which was initiated after a visit from the then president of ETHZ, Prof Dr Ralph Eichler to the AO Research Institute Davos in Davos.

More information on this course is available on the ETH website.​​

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