Major career achievement for ex-ARI Fellow

ARI Fellow Gernot Lang obtains his Habilitation from the University of Freiburg

28 May 2020

ARI Fellow Dr Gernot Lang, currently a resident surgeon at the department Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery, University Medical Center Freiburg, Germany, successfully defended his Habilitation from the University's medical faculty.

The focus of his habilitation thesis was on "Staged Therapeutic Concepts in Degenerative Disc Disease Including Biological and Minimally Invasive Treatment Approaches". We congratulate Gernot to this major achievement in his professional career which awards him the "Venia Legendi" at the Medical Faculty in Freiburg.

Gernot Lang joined the ARI's Regenerative Orthopaedics program in 2014 for a 12-month medical research fellowship. He was involved in several ARI projects related to intervertebral disc research and substantially contributed to the outcome of the EU-FP7 funded project entitled "Biomimetic Nano-Fiber-Based Nucleus Pulposus Regeneration for the Treatment of Degenerative Disc Disease".

After another postdoctoral Spine Research Fellowship at Weill Cornell Medical College, Department of Neurosurgery, New York Presbyterian Hospital, he continued his residency at the department of surgery of the University Medical Center Freiburg.

Since then Gernot and ARI have established an ongoing collaboration that has been strengthened by successful grant proposals funded by different agencies including the SET Foundation for the promotion of alternate and complementary methods to reduce animal testing in research, the German Spine Society, and the German Arthritis Foundation.

This fruitful collaboration has led to the co-supervision of to date six MD candidates affiliated at the University of Freiburg who have carried out their practical theses within the ARI laboratories. ARI's co-investigators of these collaborative projects are Zhen Li, Sibylle Grad and Mauro Alini.

The remarkable output comprises six co-authored publications, many congress contributions and further successful grant applications. This demonstrates the interactions between the ARI Regenerative Orthopaedics team and the Experimental Spine Research Group of UMC Freiburg will continue.   

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