Assembly of Trustees

The Assembly of Trustees is the "AO parliament," comprising 93 leading surgeons from around the world and 29 Honorary Members.

The Assembly of AO Trustees is responsible for approving the AO’s scientific and clinical mission, important elections, and modifying the AO Foundation Charter and Bylaws. It communicates AO values to national institutions and other AO surgeons, and gathers feedback on specific regional needs.

Since each Trustee serves for a limited number of years, the composition of the Assembly of Trustees is subject to continuous renewal.


The June 2020 face to face AO Trustees Meeting in Davos has been cancelled. For more information, please contact Nia Jenkins.

Trustees can access confidential, meeting-related documents here.


AO Foundation Board

AO Foundation Board

Find out more about the AO Foundation Board (AOFB), the AO's governing body.

AO Presidents

View the list of people who served as AO Foundation president, from its establishment in 1984 to the present.

AO Executive Management

AO Executive Management

The AO’s executive management body reports directly to the AOFB, and includes the CEO and respective executive managers.

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